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Technical Information

Diagnosing Electroysis / Stray Current Corrosion

It is recommended that this procedure be carried out by a qualified person. Stray current reading if present should not exceed 50Mv if this reading is greater then cooling system should be corrected as further deterioration will cause major damage.

The source of the current leakage should be found, as this can destroy a radiator in a short period of time, ( hours or days depending on the level of voltage ) and damage other engine components.

Note;   Some coolants have been known to retain an electrical charge after the fault has been detected and repaired. All testing should be carried out using clean water after complete flushing of cooling system.


Flushing of Cooling system

Because Coolant / Inhibitors from different manufacturers have different chemicals and components that may adversely react if mixed, it is important that you DO NOT create a chemical cocktail within your cooling system by mixing different brands. Cooling system should be flushed completly to remove any trace of previous coolant used.

Note;   Vehicle manufacturers instructions for filling cooling system should be followed to ensure that air blocks are removed from the cooling system

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